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Quality management systems

Knowing what our customers, business partners, owners and the social environment demand and expect from us, we strive to provide efficient management for our business processes through management systems that enable us to carry out our development policies, fulfil the demands of our customers, employees, business partners, owners and the social environment and increase their satisfaction and trust.

The basic standard of the Mercator Group management system is ISO 9001, which also forms the basis of other standards allowing us to upgrade and expand our management system. By integrating different management systems into one, we improve the entire company management system.

The Mercator Group has several interconnected systems, of which the following are certified:

Management Systems

Mercator d.o.o.

Mercator - IP


Mercator - S

Mercator - CG

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Certificate     Certificate  
ISO 10002 - Quality Management - Customer's Contentment       Certificate  
Stamp Protected Customer       Certificate  
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System Certificate     Certificate  
AEO - Status Authorized Economic Operators Certificate        
Family-Friendly Enterprise Certificate Certificate    Certificate  
Organic Production Certificate        
Selected Slovenian Quality – Poultry Certificate        
Selected Slovenian Quality – Beef Certificate        
Selected Slovenian Quality - Fruits Certificate        
HACCP - The Food Safety Management System       Certificate Certificate
IFS - International Food Standard     Certificate    
SQMS - Supplier Quality Management System     Certificate    
RA - MB Certified sustainable cocoa     Certificate    
SWA - Supplier Workplace Accountibillity     Certificate    
FSC CoC  - Forest Stewardship Council®, Chain of Custody Certificate        
PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard       Certificate