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Two new members to Mercator's management board

The Fortenova Group AGM appoints two new members to Mercator's management board. Hrvoje Bošnjak, formerly Fortenova Group’s Head of Controlling, is a new member of Mercator's management board for finance, Tomislav Kramarić, the former member of Konzum's management board for retail, becomes a member of Mercator's management board for retail.

Draga Cukjati and Igor Mamuza are both coming to the end of their terms.

The market situation has brought with it an increase in energy and labour costs through inflation, while the erosion of purchasing power has had a negative impact on profitability and investment capacity. Fortenova Group is therefore continuing with its restructuring in the areas of trade, commodity group management and operating costs.

"As members of Mercator's management board, Draga Cukjati and Igor Mamuza have made a significant contribution to maintaining and stabilising the company, both during the period of Agrokor's exceptional management and after the transfer of Mercator's ownership to Fortenova Group. The macroeconomic situation necessitates further adjustments to the business model, improvement of Mercator's performance indicators and maintaining the long-term competitiveness of Mercator and the Fortenova Group," said Fabris Peruško, member of the board of directors and CEO of Fortenova Group.

Tomislav Čizmić, chairman of the management board at Mercator, emphasised: "I would especially like to thank Draga Cukjati and Igor Mamuza for their outstanding contribution to Mercator's business success. Both were truly committed to Mercator's values and goals. Draga Cukjati, as a top financier, has been instrumental in overcoming many of the challenges we faced, while Igor Mamuza, with his inexhaustible energy and focus on goals, has made significant strides in keeping Mercator’s core business competitive. As professionals, colleagues and human beings, they have been a key part of our team and we express our deep appreciation for their contribution to our collective achievements over the years. On behalf of the entire Mercator team, I would like to welcome my colleagues Tomislav Kramarić and Hrvoje Bošnjak. I am confident that we will continue to work together constructively in the interests of Mercator and the Fortenova Group."