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The company Mercator–Emba d.d. is one of the leading companies in the Slovenian food industry. Production program of the company Mercator–Emba d.d. includes production of instant cocoa products, dessert toppings, cereal products, and packaging of other products.

Mercator - Emba, d.d.

Company profile

Tržaška cesta 2c
1370 Logatec
+386 1 759 84 00

Basic information

Company Name: MERCATOR-EMBA, proizvodnja hrane, d.d.
Abbreviated Name: MERCATOR-EMBA, d.d.
Main Activity: 10.820 - Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
Company Management Board: Mladen Mladenič - President
Supervisory Board: Dean Čerin – President, Klemen Bibič – Vice President, Rok Janežič – Member
Registry Number: 5002516
Tax ID no.: SI70418136
Business Account: N-LB d.d., Ljubljana: 02922-0020198596
Date of Establishment: 29.12.1989
Company Share Capital: 2.300.784,51 EUR

More on www.mercator-emba.si.

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