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Organized collection of proxy authorizations for exercising shareholder voting rights

The company Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d. encourages its shareholders to actively exercise their rights and for this purpose begins with organized collection of proxy authorizations. This allows shareholders to exercise their voting rights without attending the Shareholders Assembly, thus directly contributing to company’s governance.

Consistent with the recommendations of the Slovenian Corporate Governance Code, Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d. hereby informs its shareholders that, based on the agreement with Društvo MDS (Small Shareholders' Association of Slovenia) dated November 22, 2021 and based on the agreement with VZMD (PanSlovenian Shareholders’ Association) dated December 6, 2021, the organized collection of shareholder proxy authorizations for the 30th extraordinary Shareholders Assembly, which is to take place on December 23, 2021, has started. The company Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d., Društvo MDS and VZMD have selected following proxies, which are to be authorized by the shareholders for exercising their voting rights: Elikan Janez, Stanković Rajko, and lawyer Švencbir Andrej.

Poslovni sistem Mercator, d. d.
Management Board